Public meetings are taking place in the Far North, hearing from residents on their concerns of their local road systems.

Officials with the Ministry of Highways and Public Works and Athabasca Basin Development met Monday in Black Lake, where residents and leadership discussed issues of safety risks and maintenance on Highway 905 and the condition of Highway 964 to Stony Rapids.

Athabasca MLA Jim Lemaigre, who is part of the provincial government delegation said residents felt parts of Highway 905 were too narrow, causing vehicle collisions.

He drove the 21 kilometers to Stony Rapids, validating residents’ concerns. “The concern is valid, the road conditions need attention,” he said. “The biggest message was, ‘this is the condition we live in, so when you’re making your decisions be mindful of these conditions’.”

Legmaigre noted that commitments for improvements in the Black Lake region were not made, as upgrades are in the planning process.

However, he explained that Highway’s crews will be adding culverts and related maintenance to flood prone sections north of Prince Albert.

Another public meeting is taking place in Wollaston Lake today, where the completion of an all-weather road will be discussed.