The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre is close to reaching its current goal of $100,000 for its Fresh Fruit for Kids Campaign.

Beginning in July, SFBLC and Canpotex joined forces to raise funds for the first-ever Fresh Fruit for Kids campaign.

The program aims to gather donations in an effort to assist youth currently facing a lack of access to school-supplied meal programs. With the program’s donation deadline fast approaching, the SFBLC and Canpotex are asking the community of Saskatoon for help to reach the program’s donation goal of $100,000.

Deborah Hamp, Director of Operations and Engagement for the Saskatoon Food Bank, said that the Fresh Fruit for Kids Campaign is one of three projects will be done in collaboration with Canpotex over the next three years.

“So we’re really excited about that because Canpotex has contributed $450,000 over the next three years in support of three new campaigns, so one of them is Fresh Fruit for Kids, the other one will be happening in the fall, which is infant formula, and then about mid-winter we’ll have one that’s focused on baby food, so all in support of good nutrition for kids,” said Hamp.

Hamp said that the organization is only $6000 away from reaching its goal of $100,000.

“We’re hoping to generate $100,000 per campaign; of course $50,000 of that is with Canpotex and the other $50,000 comes from the community, and we’re hoping that community will be encouraged by the matching donations, so Canpotex is matching every dollar donated by the community up to $50,000,” said Hamp.

Those wanting to make a donation can do so online at or by visiting the onsite location at 202 Avenue C South.

The Saskatoon Food Bank’s Fresh Fruit For Kids Campaign began gathering donations on July 1st and will conclude tonight at midnight.