RCMP in Prince Albert have added two new motorcycles to their fleet.

The Saskatchewan RCMP anlong with Combined Traffic Services announced the new motorcycles in a media release on Monday.

Mounties say the motorcycles will help officers better spot unsafe driving behaviour and have proven to be successful in other jurisdictions.

“People don’t immediately notice a police motorcycle – certainly not from a distance,” said Sgt. Jeremy Knodel from CTSS Prince Albert in the media release. “Motorcycles are also extremely agile and allow officers to get close to vehicles to check for unsafe behaviour. If the driver is not wearing their seatbelt or talking on their cellphone, motorcycles help our officers spot the infraction before drivers have a chance to quickly put down the phone or buckle up.”

The two RCMP motorcycles will be the only police motorcycles in the Prince Albert area.

(Photo provided by the RCMP.)