The tenth season of a popular nonfiction survival series will be set in northern Saskatchewan.

Alone follows ten survivalists who were left last fall in unknown, rural areas around Reindeer Lake, some 220 kilometres northeast of La Ronge. Contestants aim to survive in tough, brutal circumstances, armed with only a few survival supplies and video equipment to self-document their experiences, with the last remaining contender winning a $500,000 grand prize.

The series tenth season was produced by Wavelength Entertainment in collaboration with ITV and Creative Saskatchewan. Culture and Sport Minister Laura Ross said that the benefits of projects like this provide positive economic effects for the province.

“We are thrilled to be able to support productions that are filmed in Saskatchewan. The benefits of projects like this are numerous and cast a wide net in terms of the positive economic effects on our province,” said Ross.

Creative Saskatchewan, the economic development agency for Saskatchewan’s creative industries, provided $818,534 to the production of the series through the Feature Film and TV Production Grant. Ross explained that only Saskatchewan labour, goods, and services are eligible for support under the grant program.

“This means that every dollar invested is spent here on facilities, crews, rentals, digital services, and in our hotels, restaurants, and catering services. It’s an investment that grows our economy,” said Ross.

The series has reportedly spent over $2.3 million in the province, mainly in the northern region. In the last two years, annual funding for Creative Saskatchewan’s Feature Film and Television Production Grant has grown from $2 million to $12 million. With the investment, the province is expected to see an estimated $4.3 million in positive economic output.

Creative Saskatchewan CEO Erin Dean said that the series is another example of the Saskatchewan film and television sector beginning to grow.

“This is one more example of Saskatchewan’s film and television sector beginning to bloom. We’ve been promoting the diversity of Saskatchewan’s topography, and production companies are taking note of what our province has to offer, from sand dunes to prairie grass and now our remote wilderness. We’re so excited to see these come to fruition,” said Dean. Wavelength Entertainment producer Chris Triffo said that he loves Saskatchewan and doesn’t plan to leave.

“Film is an industry just like agriculture, mining, or oil and gas. I want all the young people to know that this is a viable career. I love Saskatchewan, and I’m not leaving,” said Triffo.

Episode 1 of the series tenth season premieres June 8th on The History Channel.