Muskeg Lake Cree Nation is going to be working with the federal government to implement the First Nation’s right to self-government.

In a media release sent out Tuesday afternoon, the nation says the two sides have signed a letter of understanding which aims to move the relationship with the federal government away from the Indian Act.

The First Nation says the initial focus of their talks with the federal government will involve developing a governance agreement.

“Muskeg Lake Cree Nation is taking these steps that affirm and uphold our inherent right of self-government, based on our Treaty relationship with the Crown,” said Chief Kelly Wolfe in the media release. “We want to secure a solid foundation for the future for our people. We never agreed to the Indian Act or colonial policies which restricted our families and held back our economic prosperity for generations. This Letter of Understanding puts us on the track where Canada acknowledges and supports our self-determination.”

Indigenous Relations Minister Mark Miller called the agreement an “important step toward a renewed relationship with Muskeg Lake Cree Nation.”