Four Northerners, working security at a North Battleford, hotel housing evacuees due to wildfires, are credited with helping to save two elderly people from a burning home in that city Tuesday night.

Dwayne Bourassa, Ethan Maurice, Roger Dawstare, and Nathan Morin of the English River First Nation were working security when a fire broke out on 99th St.

The four men assisted the two people to safety, leaving them uninjured.

“While conducting security checks at the Tropical Inn Hotel, Dwayne, Ethan, Roger, and Nathan observed smoke coming from the 99th Street area of town. They immediately attended that neighbourhood, discovered the fire, and rendered assistance to evacuate the property’s residents before our Fire Department arrived on scene,” said Deputy Chief Paul Perry.

“Without the actions of these selfless people, the outcome of this structure fire would have been much different and had the potential to result in loss of life. The North Battleford Fire Department commends Dwayne, Ethan, Roger, and Nathan for their efforts and wishes to publicly thank them for their heroic actions in our community.”  

More than 250 wildfire evacuees remain in North Battleford.

(Photo courtesy of the City of North Battleford.)