The Northern Lights School Division has announced the appointment of a new Deputy Director of Education.

Dawn Kuppenbender, originally from Whitehorse, Yukon, received her high school education at ED Feehan High School in Saskatoon. She would later go on to receive her Bachelor of French Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan as well as a Master of Special Education degree from Flinders University of Australia.

“The Board is very pleased to congratulate Dawn Kuppenbender on her appointment as Deputy Director of Education. Northern Lights School Division #113 is very proud to have an employee lead in accomplishing the division’s goals collaboratively with all staff,” said Richard Petit, Board Chairperson for the Northern Lights School Division.

“I am honoured to serve the Board and the people of the North. I am compelled to nurture the learners of Northern Lights School Division and help them to reach their full potential. I have learned a great deal over the past twenty-eight years as an educator, consultant, and, most recently, as a superintendent. I am confident that I am ready for a new challenge,” said Kuppenbender.

The Northern Lights School Division serves approximately 4,300 students in 22 schools throughout northern Saskatchewan with approximately 710 employees. Kuppenbender is expected to assume her new position on August 1.