The Order of Gabriel Dumont has been awarded since the 1980s, honouring individuals with gold and silver medals for their contributions to the Métis of Canada.

The bronze medal, which has acted as a fairly new addition, was released in 2010 to recognize and honour outstanding GDI students and alumni.

Leah McCallum, one of the recent nine recipients of the award, said that she was excited to learn she was receiving it. “I am really happy, I was really excited, and I was surprised just because when you have a whole bunch of kids, you don’t feel like you’re doing a whole lot as a student, but I still try my best. I always stay late nights at the school, and I mostly spend most of my weekends there too when I can, just to finish homework and be caught up, and I try to stay on top of things and not fall behind,” said McCallum.

The Order of Gabriel Dumont is one of the highest civilian decorations bestowed upon the Métis Nation. McCallum said that the award is given to those who are engaged in their education as well as their culture on and off campus.

“It’s about being engaged in your studies and also your culture, making sure that you’re not only bringing your culture into your schoolwork but you’re doing it also outside of the classroom as well,” said McCallum.

This year’s bronze medal recipients come from various communities across the province, such as Pinehouse Lake, La Loche, Meadow Lake, Leask, White City, Saskatoon, Île-à-la-Crosse, and Prince Albert. This year’s bronze medal recipients are Randon Herman, Ronalda Park, Christine Malboeuf, Brianne McLennan, Sheri-Lyn Kadachuk, Tavia Terry, Leah McCallum, Cody Ludwig, and Travis Spriggs.