Several northern roads in Saskatchewan that support the forestry industry will receive a $6 million investment. The one-time investment is intended to preserve and maintain several forestry-dependent roads that are expected to see an increase in traffic resulting from new and upgraded mills. Some of the northern roads that will receive the funding are highways 165, 912, 913, and 123. A majority of the new funds will be put towards things such as gravel work and brush clearing.

“Saskatchewan has the resources the world needs, and it is vital we get our goods to market safely and efficiently. As a landlocked province, we need a safe, reliable, and sustainable transportation system to support economic growth,” said Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said.

Trevor Reid, general manager for Edgewood Forest Products in Carrot River, said that he is pleased to see the province support the forestry industry. “This industry is poised for growth, and we’re pleased to see the provincial government supporting forestry,” said Reid.

The 2023 provincial highways budget is investing $89.4 million to build, operate, and maintain the transportation system in northern Saskatchewan, with plans such as gravel road improvements on Highway 924 northeast of Green Lake as well as the continuation of work on Saskatchewan’s portion of the Garson Lake Road.

“One of the goals announced in the Growth Plan is to double the size of Saskatchewan’s forestry sector. This growth will have a significant impact on northern communities. In addition to more sales and exports, employment in the forestry sector will also increase,” explained Cockrill.