Leaders from the FSIN and the PAGC along with legal counsel for a woman whose baby died are calling for multiple inquiries into the Prince Albert Police Service and say legal action will come.

14-month-old Tanner Brass was allegedly killed by his father Kaij Brass in February 2022, hours after two Prince Albert police officers attended the scene over a 911 call about domestic violence.

On Thursday, the Public Complaints Commission released an independent report on the situation which found the officers were negligent in their duties.

Hours after that, police Chief Jonathan Bergen would announce his retirement.

At a press conference in Saskatoon Friday morning, leaders from the FSIN, the PAGC, and legal counsel for Kyla Frenchman, the mother of Tanner Brass, laid out what they want to see in the wake of the PCC report.

The leaders say they want a full-scale inquiry into what happened that day and a full-scale inquiry into the Prince Albert Police Service as a whole. Leaders also called for the two officers involved to be fired and believe they should also face criminal charges. They also called for the public release of another third-party investigation into the Prince Albert Police Service; an investigation the province says they were considering making public, but have not yet done so.

“It is a travesty and another miscarriage of justice in this country,” said Eleanor Sunchild, legal counsel for Kyla Frenchman. “There is a grave and serious issue with the Prince Albert Police Service… significant changes need to be made.”

Sunchild says they are planning to pursue legal action against the Prince Albert Police Service. When asked if they plan to sue the department she replied “most definitely.”

FSIN and PAGC leaders share their thoughts

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron says the report helps confirm what they were saying days after Tanner died and says actions and change need to come.

“This isn’t over… it ain’t over by a long shot,” he said.

Cameron would abruptly stop his address where he would ask someone to start a timer. He then walked to the front entrance of the FSIN head office and back to the chair where he was sitting.

It took him 19 seconds.

“Those officers that were in charge that night… 19 seconds… that’s all they had to do to save that baby,” said Cameron.

PAGC Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte called it a “pivotal” moment for reconciliation and unity between the Prince Albert Police Service and the community at large.

“Do the right thing,” Hardlotte would repeatedly say when addressing the new interim police chief, the police service as a whole, Premier Scott Moe, and Policing and Corrections Minister Christine Tell.

Vice-chief does not agree with some of the findings in the PCC Report

FSIN Vice-Chief Dutch Lerat says they do not agree with some of the findings in the report by the Public Complaints Commission as he feels essential details were not considered. He said this as other leaders provided nods and vocalized agreements.

Lerat believes too much of the discourse since the release of the report has focused on inconsistencies between Kyla Frenchman’s early comments and the PCC report.

“I would like to remind the public that when she interacted with police she was in shock and trauma. She may not have been able to effectively communicate,” said Lerat.

Lerat also believes the report was incorrect to not find any fault with any of the senior officers on shift that night – only finding the two officers directly involved as negligent in their duties.

The leaders also said none of them have seen any of the 911 calls, videos, and other evidence the PCC used in their final report.

Corrections and Policing Minister provides statement

Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell provided a statement on the release of the PCC report.

In her Statement, Minister Tell says the report highlights “the need for immediate change within the Prince Albert Police Service.”

“I am confident that the new interim Chief of Police will begin the process of change that is necessary,” her statement read.

(PHOTO: First Nation leaders wrap a starblanket around Kyla Frenchman in a show of support.  Photo by Joel Willick.)