The Cluff Lake uranium project operated by Orano has been deactivated, with federal regulators cancelling its operating license.

After reviewing all submissions and interventions, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission decided that the Cluff Lake Project’s decommissioning objectives and requirements had been accomplished and that the site is passively safe and would stay safe in the long term.

The Commission determined that exempting Saskatchewan from licensing for the Cluff Lake Project site would not represent an excessive danger to the environment, human health and safety, or national security.

The CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials in order to protect public health, safety, security, and the environment; to carry out Canada’s international obligations regarding the peaceful use of nuclear energy; and to provide the public with objective scientific, technical, and regulatory information.

Orano Canada Inc. now plans to move the Cluff Lake Project site to Saskatchewan’s Institutional Control Program, which would free the province from licensing under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

In addition, the Commission excused Saskatchewan from licensing the Cluff Lake Project location. The Commission also excused the Province of Saskatchewan from licensing for the Cluff Lake Project location.

The commission considered several submissions from Orano, CNSC employees, and 12 intervenors while making its decision.