Update 10:50AM

The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency says it is providing ground, air and heavy equipment resources to help battle a wildfire near the Clearwater River Dene Nation and Village of La Loche.

Evacuation efforts are underway for First Nations residents as the fire and smokey conditions are threatening residents.

The SPSA says it is supporting local firefighters battling a blaze near the Moosomin and Saulteaux First Nations. Multiple fire departments are on the scene.

Officials advise residents to take precautions as hot and dry weather conditions can easily start a wildfire. There are currently 11 active fires in the province with four being contained.




Evacuations are continuing this hour for residents of the Clearwater River Dene Nation.

A nearby wildfire is threatening that community. Residents who have yet to evacuate are encouraged to do so quickly.

Officials say temperatures are rising, which may hinder evacuation efforts. Buses are transporting residents from the Community Hall.

An evacuation order was issued late Wednesday, with the first bus leaving early this morning.



A wildfire threatening the Clearwater River Dene Nation and La Loche area is forcing evacuations.

In a Facebook post, the First Nation says it began evacuating people from the community hall at approximately 2:30 this morning.

The evacuation order was issued late last night with increased smoke and the forest fire crossed the highway.

Elders, babies, children and those with respiratory conditions are urged to leave the community immediately.

(Photo of the fire near La Loche. Courtesy of the La Loche Wildfire Update Group Facebook.)