The court matter for a Cree medicine man accused of sexual assault has been delayed as he seeks to withdraw his guilty pleas.

60-year-old Cecil Wolfe is facing 12 counts of sexual assault for allegedly abusing women while acting as a traditional healer.

Last year, Wolfe entered a guilty plea to those charges, however, at a lengthy sentencing hearing in October Wolfe had a difficult time agreeing to a jointly submitted agreed statement of facts that was read out in court in both English and Cree.

Wolfe had previously signed the document indicating he understood the statement of facts and his guilty plea.

The sentencing hearing was then adjourned, and since that time Wolfe has replaced his legal counsel and is now seeking to have his guilty pleas expunged.

At a court date on Tuesday morning, Wolfe’s new legal counsel indicated he was still waiting on several files and documents from Wolfe’s previous lawyer in order to properly prepare for an expungement hearing.

The judge then decided to adjourned the proceedings until the afternoon in order for Wolfe’s current defense lawyer to receive all necessary files.

The court never heard why there was such a delay in transferring documents nor what Wolfe’s legal counsel will use as a grounds to withdraw the guilty pleas.

When court resumed in the afternoon an expungement hearing was scheduled for June 30.

Wolfe was first charged in the fall of 2021.