CFNU: “The Stream” is a student-run internet streaming radio station that is operated on the First Nations University’s campus.

William Yuzicapi, who is the Program Director, Operations Manager, and CFNUs Teaching Mentor, is a member of Okanese First Nation and has worked in broadcasting for close to 30 years, first in commercial radio and then as the manager of CHXL, which operated for 20 years on Okanese First Nation.

Yuzicapi said that CFNU is unique due to the radio station being maintained and operated mainly by students.

“It is going to be an internet streaming radio station by the students for the students; we’re not cultivating listeners, we’re not cultivating sponsors, we’re not asking for advertisers; if you want to listen, fantastic, but what it’s going to be is showcasing the work that the journalism students and the INCA students do here at the university in house, as well as giving students a chance to experience radio in a real radio station environment,” said Yuzicapi.

The live broadcast covering the First Nations University Spring Powwow was the first time Yuzicapi and his CFNU trainees have been live on the radio.

“Tomorrow at the powwow, we’re not launching the station. We’re launching the vision of what the station wants to be and the fact that it’s going to be a student radio station showcasing the students talents and the students work that’s been done here in the studios. So, it’s just to show the capacity of what we can do at this point right now,” explained Yuzicapi.

During the powwow, CFNU students will conduct live interviews, commentary, and specials for the event. Those wishing to listen to CFNU can find the station’s live listen link on