The Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Wellness Centre is getting support from a Saskatoon service club.

Wednesday afternoon at the wellness centre the Knights of Columbus 8215 Council announced the donation of two deep freezers to the centre. Garry Maier, who spoke to media on behalf of the Knights of Columbus said the service group wanted to show their support to the STC and the work they are doing in Saskatoon.

“As Knights of Columbus we could see a need, Mark Arcand had took on a big job here, we could see the need just as community people that Mark will always need help for this,” he said.

The Knights have as well donated some clothing to help people at the centre.

(Gerry Maier standing with one of the freezers. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)

STC Tribal Chief Mark Arcand welcomed the donation and explained to media the freezers will be helpful as the tribal council looks to upgrade their facilities at the wellness centre. These upgrades will include an industrial kitchen to better meet their needs.

“This freezer donation is really going to be supporting that, (because) we had to go out one time and purchase a cow from a farmer and do this and we had nowhere to store it, now we have this opportunity to do this, its really going to save on food costs when you buy in bulk,” he said.

Arcand said the STC is going to be looking at moving to a second phase with the wellness centre which will see them upgrade a range of facilities. This includes adding more showers and bathrooms along with laundry service. They are also looking to have a maintenance program which will allow the people living at the centre to have jobs and make some money by helping to maintain the facilities. Currently the tribal council is looking to the federal government for funding to help with some of the upgrades.

Overall Arcand stressed the wellness centre is not a shelter, but is focused on helping people be healthier and that these improvements will help with that mission.

“We’re trying to get people healthy, so they can get a job and get some education if they choose to, move into their own homes, with a little supports and just have a quality of life,” he said.

(Top Photo: The Knights of Columbus 8215 Council with Mark Arcand. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)