Indigenous broadcasters of Saskatchewan are partnering to create an audio file digital sharing server.

Regional broadcasters would upload radio programming such as Indigenous language interviews. The content which would be labeled and dated would be shared for member broadcasters to be aired in their regions.

“Our languages are very much in a fragile state in our communities,” said Fred Roy, Chair of Indigenous Broadcasters Of Saskatchewan.  “We know that regional and local radio broadcasting can be and is a vital means to advance our desire to enhance use of our languages. That is why I am proud to be a part of this momentous event in launching this file sharing server.”

Approximately 30 Indigenous broadcast systems in the province will have access to the server. Indigenous Broadcasters, including Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation envision the server grows into a tool used help revitalize Indigenous languages and culture.

“MBC has been in existence since 1984. We are still here today in part because of our close relationship with communities and application of innovative solutions such as modern technological apparatus to meet our challenges. The Indigenous languages file sharing server is a proud accomplishment,” explained MBC Chief Executive Officer Deborah Charles.

Missinipi Broadcasting has invested $50,000 to the purchase and setup of the server. “Indigenous languages utilization was another keystone piece stemming from the vision of our leaders who created MBC. That is why we are very excited to see the development of a file sharing server which will increase use of languages and program content across Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan,” MBC Board Chair Nick Daigneault said.

Indigenous broadcasters are expected to meet next week to discuss the server and how to increase Indigenous languages in radio programming.