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Regina Police are warning that a registered sex offender will be residing in that city as of Thursday.

Louis Ted Mercredi is expected to live in the Heritage neighbourhood of Regina, in a residence that provides supervision and monitoring of his activities.

“Louis Ted Mercredi has a criminal history which includes violent sexual offenses and has a history of reoffending. During his time of incarceration, he did complete programming designated to address his risk factors. However, Louis Ted Mercredi has not made any progress in reducing his high risk to reoffend violently. At prior sentencing he was designated as a Dangerous Offender and was given a Long Term Supervision order for ten years,” said a release from Regina Police.

Mercredi is described as  approximately 5’ 9” tall, weighing about 220 pounds, with a heavy build. He has brown eyes and short black hair.

Mercredi must abide by several conditions during his release, including; Must follow a treatment plan/program to be arranged by his parole supervisor in the areas of sexual deviancy and substance abuse; Immediately report all intimate, sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with females to his parole supervisor; Not to attempt to initiate any intimate sexual and non-sexual friendships with females; No direct or indirect contact with any of his current or previous victims of his sexual offending convictions; and Not to own, possess, or use any telecommunication devices. Not to access any pornographic material, or any devices that could store pornography.

“This information is intended to raise community awareness about the presence of this offender so that people may make informed choices about contact with this person. This information is not to be used for an unlawful purpose. The Regina Police Service stresses: This information is intended to enable members of the public to take suitable preventive measures, not to embark on any form of vigilantism or other unreasonable conduct directed at this individual,” said Police.