The Prince Albert Police Service (PAPS) has made a major drug seizure.

At PAPS headquarters Monday afternoon Chief Jonathan Bergen, along with Inspector Criag Mushka told members of the media that after an investigation the service searched a home at a trailer court north of the city. Bergen said during the search police found more than 31 kilograms of cocaine along with $55,000 in cash. Weapons parts and ammunition were also found along with substances used to cut cocaine and prepare it for wider distribution. The chief explained this drug seizure is quite a bit bigger than the one which set the previous record, which was also a cocaine bust.

“When we made a seizure of over 11 kilograms, that was the largest seizure that Prince Albert Police Service had ever been directly responsible for and so here we have nearly three times that,” said Bergen.

Police said the overall value of the cocaine is dependent on a number of factors. One of them being where in the province it is ultimately sold. PAPS Inspector Mushka, who supervises the crime reduction team, which undertook the investigation, explained police do have an idea of where the seized drugs were possibly headed.

“Certainly northern Saskatchewan would be where we would believe the majority of this (cocaine) is going to go,” he said.

Mushka said police are continuing their investigation. He said investigators were not prepared to talk about the possible role of gangs or the possible role of any other groups in the drug operation.

“I think it’s early to speak to that, (the) investigation’s on going, so at this point we wouldn’t have any comment on specific gangs or organized crime,” he said.

(Photo Submitted by PAPS.)

Five people are facing a range of charges as a result of the investigation. The charges include drug trafficking charges, weapons offenses and charges related to being in possession of the proceeds of crime.

Those charged include 30 year old Gordon Greer-Vandale, who is from Prince Albert, also charged are Spencer Evans, 27 and Jim Lakatose, 34 both of North Battleford. Two people from Saskatoon are as well facing charges in Santana Foulds, 28 and Dean Marchand, 31. Marchand is the only person charged in the case who has not yet been arrested. Police said a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

The four people who have been arrested have all made their first court appearances. Police said more people could face charges in the future as their investigation is continuing.

(Top Photo: PAPS Police Chief Jonathan Bergen flanked by Deputy Police Chief Farica Prince and Inspector Craig Mushka at PAPS headquarters Monday afternoon. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)