The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan allowing them to pursue legal action against the provincial government.

The matter arose in the fall of 2021, when the provincial government issued permits to NextGen Energy for its Rook 1 project – a uranium project in the far north.

The MN-S argued that this project could affect Métis harvesting rights and the province did not properly consult the Métis before giving out the permits.

The Government of Saskatchewan filed a challenge against this claim as they asserted their consultation was consistent with formal consultation policy.

However, an Appeals Court decision released on Monday affirmed the MN-S’s right to bring the matter before the courts.

“While we are pleased with the Court’s decision, we would have preferred to collaborate rather than pursue legal activities,” said MN-S Vice President Michelle LeClair in a media release. “We have been clear, that the Government of Saskatchewan has an obligation to consult MN-S citizens rather than unilaterally imposing its will on our people.”