The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is marking Indigenous Storytelling Month.

To celebrate the museum has teamed up with the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (STF) to produce a video series featuring elder Hazel Dixon. Sarah Schafer, visitor experience supervisor with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum explained they are happy to be able to make the videos available to a wider audience.

“She’s recorded several new stories to share with all the people of Saskatchewan, so through our museum social media and our YouTube channels you can access some of Elder Hazel’s story telling, which normally you would only get if you were here on site,” she said.

In total there are 14 videos which are part of the series. Schafer said the museum has a mandate to advance people’s understanding of plants, animals and Saskatchewan’s unique ecosystem, she added the videos which have been produced serve that mandate and do so by talking about nature through an Indigenous perspective.

“We also are really honoured to share this experience, where you’re exploring plants and animals through an Indigenous lens,” she said.

Schafer said this is not the first time the museum has worked with Elder Hazel, who as well works with Regina Public and Catholic Schools and is well known in the local community. The museum has in the past done videos with the elder sharing stories to mark Indigenous Storytelling Month, which Schafer said have received positive reviews in the past. She added they are looking forward to more people having the chance to watch the videos.

“We were really excited by popular demand to bring back this popular series,” she said.

(Top Photo: Elder Hazel Dixon. Photo courtesy of Government of Saskatchewan.)