The Lac La Ronge Indian Band officially opens its new cultural facility in Hall Lake.

The new facility is intended to help youth connect with their culture.

“We’re using the building to go back and teach our children how we lived in the old days, before furnaces and running water, and we’re going to show them how to survive off the land from this building, and there will be a lot of traditional teachings,” said Norman Ross, a Hall Lake resident as well as a Lac La Ronge Indian Band Councillor.

“This is for our community members to come here and show their kids, even come and have a picnic here with them, and this was a lot of the stuff that was requested from the community when we had our community consultation meetings.”

The facility has a gazebo where Elders can sit and talk to the youth as well as two classrooms with woodstoves.

“This is something we want to go back to and show our children, so they don’t forget what it took for their grandparents to survive and how to heat up their buildings,” explained Ross. The new cultural facility resides on the north end of the Hall Lake Reserve and grants easy access to the lake.

(Photo supplied by Abel Charles)