By Roman Hayter

An art exhibit is coming to Prince Albert that will feature art from a La Ronge artist.

Elder Myles Charles’ art will be on display for the new Mann Art Gallery exhibit.

Charles was born in 1938 at Fox Point, on the south side of Lac La Ronge Lake. He is also a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

Between the ages of seven and twelve, Charles was hospitalized with Tuberculosis. To pass the time in the hospital, Charles began sketching pictures from comic books.

“What I work with mostly is acrylic on canvas, and the subject is usually northern subjects, something I know of and have seen and done,” said Charles.

His interests in art continued; between 1964 and 1968, when he attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. There he gained a fine arts certificate, studying drawing, painting, and sculpting receiving many awards for his time in the program.

“I lay in bed, and that’s where I’d come up with my ideas; I’d compose it onto canvas, my thoughts and what kind of colour to use, and that would represent the theme that I’m going to paint,” he explained.

Charles worked as a signed writer and commercial artist. He also worked as a graphic artist for the provincial government, which included illustrations for books, brochures, curriculum guides, and training manuals. Charles, who is now retired, focuses on his own art projects that involve carving in soapstone, wood, and bone, painting in acrylic, watercolor, and pencil. His art pieces will be on display to the public at the Mann Art Gallery from November 17 to January 14, with Charles attending the opening night event.

(Photo of Myles Charles’ art. Courtesy of Facebook.)