Work is underway to make sure no one goes with out a Christmas Dinner this coming holiday season.

The 2022 Community Christmas Dinner is set to go on Christmas Day in Prince Albert at Ecole St. Mary High School. The community meal has been a regular event in the city for many years.

John Dorion who is helping to organize the dinner said the event is an important one which is informed by some traditional teachings.

“The two teachings, the Cree teachings the first one is kindness … and the other one is people working together,” he said.

Currently Dorion and other volunteers are working to get donations from local businesses. Dorion added inflation is having an impact on them as they work to make sure they have enough food to feed everyone.

“We were pricing out turkeys, last year, they were only $23 and now their $50, they’re up there in price this year,” he said.

In past years the Community Christmas Day Dinner has served an average of 2,000 meals on Christmas Day. Dorion explained they have a range of people who usually come out to help serve the meal and do other work, with many of them making it a family affair.

“A lot of the workers that there, the volunteers, they’re mostly families they come and help out, they bring their kids,” he said.

People with questions or who are interested in supporting the 2022 Community Christmas Dinner can contact Dorion at 306 930 5539, Elann at 306 940 2369 or Isabelle 306 980 7794.

(Top Photo: The dinner will be taking place at Ecole St Mary High School in Prince Albert. Photo Courtesy of Prince Albert Catholic School Division Website.)