A familiar face is returning to the leadership ranks of the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC).

Christopher Jobb was re-elected to the vice chief’s office Tuesday evening at the tribal council’s annual assembly in Prince Albert. Jobb’s re-election came on the second ballot after he came up two votes short of victory on the first ballot.

Speaking to delegates after the his re-election, Jobb thanked all of his supporters for voting for him.

“I love you so very much, I won’t disappoint you, you know that,” he said.

To win his re-election Jobb defeated two candidates in Michael Bird and Warren McCallum. Bird garnered 59 votes, behind McCallum’s 75 and Jobb’s 151. Jobb came out on top in the second round of voting winning 199 votes to McCallum’s 87.

(Christopher Jobb watching the results come in with his family. Photo Courtesy of Michael Joel-Hansen.)

During his victory speech the vice chief said he is happy to be returning to the office and is looking forward to working with everyone at the tribal council once again.

“I am really glad to work with my colleagues again and the staff and always never forget the Prince Albert Grand Council staff, they’re a tremendous staff, I love them so much, they’re more like family then colleagues,” said Jobb.

Before the counting of the ballots was finished, but it was clear that Jobb would be re-elected, the two remaining candidates embraced each other in front of the assembly and McCallum raised up his opponent’s arm. In his short concession speech McCallum thanked the people who nominated him and congratulated the winner.

“It was a good experience on this election and once again congratulations to Chris, thank you, I’ll see you back again,” he said.

(Runner up Warren McCallum speaks with MBC Radio’s Willie Billet. Photo courtesy of Michael Joel-Hansen.)

(Top Photo: Christoper Jobb speaks to delegates after being re-elected. Photo courtesy of Michael Joel-Hansen.)