Megan Gallagher, a Métis woman from Saskatoon, went missing in 2020 and police would soon after began investigating her disappearance as a homicide.

For nearly two years, Megan’s family went without answers for what happened to her.

Many times when speaking with reporters, Megan’s father Brian Gallagher said “the silence is killing us”, when speaking on the lack of answers.

However, over the past few months, a total of 9 people have been arrested and charged in relation to Megan’s death and disappearance. Three face a charge of first-degree murder with others facing charges including unlawful confinement and indignity to human remains. A body believed to belong to Gallagher was also pulled from the South Saskatchewan River last week.

Police have also said they do not believe any more charges will be coming.

Roderick Sutherland, Robert Thomas, and Cheyann Peeteetuce – three of four people accused of Megan’s murder had their matters in court in Saskatoon on Thursday morning. Their matters were all adjourned to a later date.

Meanwhile, police continue to search for Summer-Sky Henry who is also charged with first-degree murder. She is pictured below.

Megan’s father grateful for answers

Outside the courtroom, Brian Gallagher spoke with reporters thanking many people and organizations who have helped the family in this difficult journey, but especially wanted to thank those who provided information that lead to these charges.

“Somebody must have spoken up somewhere,” he said. “Breaking the silence is part of the solution… a big part of the solution. There are warriors out there who speak up and they are the people who should be commended.”

While Gallagher says he is grateful, he has said none of this will ever bring Megan back.

“It breaks your heart, it breaks your soul, and takes you to some very difficult places,” said Gallagher. “I try not to go there and stay positive and sometimes you have to just get up in the morning and do what you can.”

With all the arrests coming in over the past few weeks, Gallagher says it has been overwhelming.

“When you think of the numbers… the number that disturbs me the most is one woman… and nine people… that is not acceptable by any standards.”

FSIN Vice-Chief speaks on lateral violence due to colonialism

Supporting the Gallagher family on Thursday morning was FSIN Vice-Chief Aly Bear.

Bear spoke on the Gallagher matter as well as the current situation in Buffalo River Dene Nation where leaders say an elder was recently assaulted.

She says colonialism is the root of these violent acts.

“It’s easy for people to point the finger and say they are doing it to themselves, they are doing it to each other, but where does that come from,” said the Vice-Chief who then spoke on the inter-generational trauma of the residential school system along with colonialism.

“Colonial violence has manifested itself into our communities as lateral violence and it is here everyday and we are living it.”

Bear says the federal government owes a fiduciary obligation to Indigenous people to help address these violent situations.

“The obligation has been breached,” she said.

(TOP PHOTO: Brian Gallagher speaks with reporters outside a Saskatoon courtroom surrounded by a large group of supporters. Photo by Joel Willick.)