The Integrity Commissioner for the City of Regina is recommending that Councillor Terina Shaw be sanctioned over comments she made regarding Indigenous Peoples.

Commissioner Angela Kruk began her investigation in July over complaints registered from incidents in June and January.

The January complaint alleges Shaw implied that Indigenous men were sexual predators. The second complaint, Shaw indicated that some Indigenous Peoples preferred to be homeless.

These comments drew harsh criticism from Indigenous leaders, calling for swift action. “Comments like Councillor Shaw’s that are left unchecked put the relationship and the current FHQTC and City of Regina Protocol Agreement at risk. Trust must be re-established,” said File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council Tribal Chief Jeremy Fourhorns. “The comments made by Councillor Shaw must be addressed by Councillor Shaw and the City of Regina, or further action by our organization may be taken,” explained Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron.

The June complaint was signed by 47 people. Shaw refused to apologize, leaving mayor Sandra Masters to address the issue. “This is just an apology on behalf of myself as Head of Council, for any harms or the impact of those questions or comments made,” said Masters. As part of Shaw’s sanctions,

Commissioner Kruk is recommending she receive training on how to communicate in a respectful and courteous manner. Shaw’s sanction will be debated at Wednesday’s Council meeting.