Saskatchewan RCMP have announced they’ve found the black Nissan Rogue believed to have been driven by Myles Sanderson.

In a video statement shared on social media, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said the vehicle was found Friday morning east of Crystal Springs.

“The vehicle had been driven off the gravel road behind trees and was not visible from the main road,” she said.

Blackmore said police ended up in the general area after getting a tip that Myles Sanderson had been in the area. Blackmore explained police have not been able to confirm if the person was Sanderson.

The assistant commissioner said the vehicle is in police custody and is being processed for evidence. She added police are still working in the area where the vehicle was found.

“The area is closed off while further examination occurs,” she said.

Police are asking people in the area where the Nissan Rogue was found, as well as people living in the Wakaw, Weldon and James Smith areas to report any possible sightings or suspicious activity. Blackmore said accurate tips could be helpful to investigators.

“It may result in evidence being located, further crime scenes identified or even changes to the potential search locations,” she said.