A U.S. Judge has ordered the return of Dawn Walker to Canada, where she is expected to face criminal charges in Saskatoon.

The Canadian Press reports that Judge Stacie F. Beckerman of the U.S. District Court in Oregon ordered Walker to be returned to Canadian officials.

Walker of the Okanese First Nation was arrested earlier this month in Oregon City Oregon, accused of entering the United States illegally and faking the deaths of herself and her son Vincent Jansen.

She is charged in Canada with mischief and abduction. U.S authorities wanted to keep Walker detained in Oregon until her trial. 

Yet today, both the prosecution and the defense agreed to returning Walker, as she waived a formal extradition process.

Walker sparked a massive search for her and Vincent after last being seen in Saskatoon July 22. Walker said she fled Saskatoon out of fear for her safety and that of her seven-year-old son Vincent.

Walker said domestic abuse is a factor in her decision to leave the country.

“I filed police reports to the Saskatoon Police Service and the RCMP regarding domestic abuse, but nothing was done. The police services did nothing to assist me. I reported my concerns to the child protection authorities and again nothing was done,” she said in a statement. “I witnessed something with my son which scared me to my core.”

Saskatoon Police said it did investigate complaints brought forward by Walker, but criminal charges were not pursued.

It is expected that U.S federal agents will escort Walker to the border, where she will be turned over to Canadian authorities.