The Saskatoon Police Service says Dawn Walker is facing several charges from both the United States and Canada.

Dawn Walker, the Chief of staff of the FSIN, and her 7-year-old son Vincent Jansen were last seen in Saskatoon on July 22nd. Her truck and some personal belongings were found in the following days at Chief Whitecap Park, south of the city.

After an extensive two-week-long missing persons search Walker and Vincent were found in Oregon this past Friday.

The Saskatoon Police Service held a media availability on Monday morning where SPS Deputy Chief Randy Huisman spoke on the charges Walker is facing, but wouldn’t comment on why she may have fled South of the border.

Huisman says Walker is currently detained in the United States with a court appearance set for Monday as she faces two charges from American authorities. She is facing a felony charge for false statements in the the use of a passport and unlawfully using the identification of another person. In addition, she is charged with a misdemeanor charge of knowingly possessing stolen identification.

Walker also faces two charges in Canada including abduction in contravention of a custody order and mischief and police say more charges could be coming.

Huisman says they are also investigating if Walker had any help in her flight to Oregon.

(A media scrum with the Saskatoon Police Service on Monday morning.  Photo by Joel Willick.)

In the meantime, police say Vincent Jansen is in the custody of a legal guardian.

Dawn Walker has made previous allegations of domestic violence to the Saskatoon police and on Friday Okanese First Nation Chief Richard Stonechild voiced concerns for Vincent’s safety as well.

Huisman says the previous allegations made by Walker were thoroughly investigated and no charges were laid.

The deputy chief would also not comment on what Dawn Walker’s motive for fleeing could be or whether the previous allegations would be used in the currently unfolding legal matter.

Walker is receiving some public support as the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations has spoken in her defense with Chief Bobby Cameron saying this situation stresses the urgency of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and the need to protect the most vulnerable.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help Walker with her legal fees and a gathering took place in Saskatoon Sunday night in her support.