Dawn Walker was handed over to Canadian authorities last week officially coming into custody of the Saskatoon police on Friday.

She would have her first court appearance in Saskatoon on Monday morning.

Walker is facing several charges both in Canada and the US after allegedly faking her disappearance and fleeing to Oregon.

During court, Walker had her Canadian charges read to her and her matter will now go before a bail hearing on Friday.

Representing Walker’s defense team during Monday’s court appearance was Chris Murphy. Murphy says he was there on behalf of Marie Henein, the high profile defence lawyer who will be representing Dawn.

Murphy told the court a letter has been sent to the Saskatoon Police Service over concerns of Walker’s remand situation over the weekend after she was officially taken into custody on Friday.

According to Murphy, SPS has an agreement with the government that any male suspect taken into custody over the weekend would be taken to a provincial correctional facility until they are able to see a judge.

However, Murphy alleges there is no agreement for female suspects. Therefore, Walker had to stay in the SPS Detention Unit, which Murphy described as a small room with a cement bed, no blankets, and no toothbrush for the entire weekend. Murphy also described Walker’s remand situation as one without any privacy and that she was only able to shower the morning of her court date.

Walker will now be transported to Pine Grove until Friday’s bail hearing.

When asked about the situation outside court, Dawn Walker’s sister Kathy Walker called the situation “horrible.”

“Why are they treating her like this,” she said.

In a response from the Saskatoon Police Service they confirmed they received the letter from Murphy.

The SPS says sometimes it is necessary to hold people in the detention unit until they are able to see a judge. They say many of the designs of the detention unit have taken into consideration recommendations from previous inquests into in-custody deaths.

The SPS went on to say there is a dedicated wing for women who are in custody with female staff on-duty. The police service says the beds are heated and permanent and sheets are only provided. They also say they do not provide toothbrushes due to safety concerns.

However, during their response, the SPS never responded to the agreement between them and the province over use of provincial facilities for men on remand over the weekend and how Murphy alleges there is no such agreement for women.

(PHOTO: A photo of the Saskatoon Police Service detention unit. Provided by SPS.)