Frank Young is being remembered as a creative boy as the family said it is heartbroken that they will never see the five-year-old again.

Frank was located on Saturday evening in the Carrot River, 81 days since he was reported missing, last seen in the front yard of his home on the Red Earth Cree Nation April 19.

“Frank was always eager to go to school,” said his grandmother and family spokesperson Theresa Whitecap.

She explained that his favorite toys were Paw Patrol and that he enjoyed dancing in school.

The RCMP said Frank was located in the River approximately two kilometers from his home, with no indication of suspicious or foul play.

“Although we found the body the investigation isn’t over until we can determine exactly what happened and part of that is working closely with the coroner. And even though an autopsy is complete, most times we have to wait for toxicology results. So at this point, I do not have an official cause of death or manner of death provided from a coroner service yet that will be forthcoming,” said RCMP SGT Richard Tonge, Commander of the Carrot River detachment.

“We’ve discovered no evidence that is suspicious in regards to the death. And even upon examination at the scene, there’s no obvious trauma. Frank’s clothing was intact, and everything we saw was consistent with Frank being in the River for a considerable period.”

Since Day 1 of the search, volunteers from across Canada and several search and rescue agencies leant their services to help find Frank. The searches were conducted via the air, ground and water.

Tongue admitted that high water levels and deadfall trees most likely hampered searching the Carrot River, prolonging Frank’s disappearance.

The family and the Chiefs of the Red Earth Cree Nation and Shoal Lake Cree Nation appealed to the Assembly of First Nations last week, where donations of $13,000 were raised to help aid in search efforts.

Shoal Lake Chief Marcel Head explained that two memorial monuments in honour of Frank will be erected on the First Nations, and that child safety campaigns will be launched.

A funeral for Frank is scheduled for Friday.