It was a pleading for more information from the father of Megan Gallagher outside a Saskatoon courtroom where one of the accused in relation to her disapearance made a brief court appearance.

Gallagher, a Métis woman from Saskatoon went missing in September 2020 with authorities soon after declaring her disappearance a homicide.

This week, Saskatoon police announced four people had been charged with indignity to human remains in connection to gallagher’s disappearance.

41-year-old Ernest Whitehead appeared on the charge at a courtroom in Saskatoon Thursday morning. His matter has been adjourned to a later date.

Megan’s father Brian Gallagher says he was numb seeing one of the accused in person.

Whitehead is charged along with three others. Polic say Roderick Sutherland was arrested last night while the two others Jessica Sutherland and John Sanderson have yet to be arrested.

While Gallagher says it is important to know the names possibly involved in Megan’s death he says the “silence is still killing us.”

“There is still a lot of information out there,” he told reporters outside court. “This is only indignities to a human body, there is a homicide that’s happened and people out there still have information and they need to come forward.”

When asked what he would like to say to the accused he responded with a simple “tell us where she is.”

“We want our daughter to come home,” said Gallagher while his voice quaked with emotion. “We can’t hug her anymore, we can’t talk to her or see her voice. That’s the reality of what we are living and that is the reality of what withholding information is doing is keeping us from having that little resolution. Nothing is going to bring Megan home, but maybe we can have some positives from this.”

Gallagher encouraged anyone who may have any information to come forward.

“You hold the power to the resolution so many people are looking for.”

While Gallagher says today was a positive step forward and he will always be pursuing justice he doesn’t believe he will find closure.

Around a hundred people gathered outside the courthouse to provide support to the family and friends of Megan Gallagher.

“To all the people who came out and are supporting us and many other families, my heart just pumps for you.”

Megan’s sister Lindsey Bishop is currently embarking on a ten-month trek across Canada to raise awareness for murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. Her journey begin in February.

Meanwhile, two of the accused in relation to Megan’s disappearance have been arrested with Ernest Whitehead making a court appearance Thursday morning. Roderick Sutherland will be in court on Friday morning.

Authorities, however are still on the lookout for Jessica Sutherland and John Sanderson.

(A photo of John Sanderson and Jessica Sutherland provided by the Saskatoon Police Service.)

Anyone with any information on their whereabouts or who may have any information on this matter is asked to contact the authorities.

(PHOTO: Brian Gallagher is hugged by a supporter outside a courthouse where one of the accused in relation to his daughter’s disappearance made a brief court appearance. Photo by Joel Willick.)