The Kineepik Métis Local (KML) out of Pinehouse has signed agreements with a mining company over exploration and advancement.

The agreements, signed with Denison Mines, are a participation and funding agreement and an exploration agreement.

The participation agreement will see the two groups work together on the proposed development of the Wheeler River Uranium Project. According to Denison, this agreement builds on an already existing letter of agreement between Denison and KML.

The exploration agreement, on the other hand, will aim to see the protection of traditional Métis activities while Denison Mines explores and evaluates areas in the region.

“We are extremely pleased by Denison being proactive and look forward to creating a mutually beneficial reality for Denison’s activities, which exceeds all of our expectation and combined efforts,” said Mike Natomagan, President of KML. “We are so grateful to build a partnership together with Denison. From our perspective, this is what it is all about.”

The agreements were recently singed at the Village of Pinehouse during the communities annual Elders Gathering.

(PHOTO: Pinehouse Lake.  Photoy by Tommy Sanderson)