After months of being on leave Carrie Bourassa has resigned from the University of Saskatchewan.

Bourassa, a now former professor of community health at the university, was put on leave this past October after her claims of Métis, Anishnabe, and Tlingit ancestry came under fire.

Bourassa was unable to provide any verification for these ancestry claims and was put on leave from the university and other high profile positions she was holding.

The university also launched an investigation into her conduct.

A statement from the university on Wednesday announced the institution has accepted her resignation saying with Bourassa’s no longer at the university the investigation into her conduct will now focus on improvements to university policies and processes.

At the time Bourassa was placed on leave, the university only had self-declaration as a way to determine someone’s Indigenous ancestry.

Last month, the post-secondary institution announced plans were in the works for new policy to verify Indigenous ancestry.