The co-chair of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Economic Development Network says there are several reasons to celebrate the organization’s ten years in business.

The economic development network was founded in 2012 to bolster Indigenous economic opportunities in Saskatchewan.

The network has hosted and organized several events since its founding including the historic World Indigenous Business Forum in 2016.

“This is a great occasion to reflect on how far our nations have come in the past decades towards developing economic self-sufficiency. There is a still a long ways to go, but there are now many models of success demonstrating the way,” said Milt Tootoosis, co-chair. “SIEDN will continue to play our part in building the capacity of our communities and our entrepreneurs to create prosperity in our nations.”

Tootoosis pointed to a near 80% growth in Indigenous businesses in Saskatoon as one of the many reasons to celebrate.

“That to me tells me there is tremendous growth across Saskatchewan as a whole,” said Tootoosis.

SIEDN celebrated their anniversary with an event at Wanuskewin Hertige Park this week.

“We’re just getting started,” said Tootoosis.