For Rosie Charles, it was a dream which took years to accomplish, but on Monday she opened her own fitness studio called “RC FITZONE.”

Her goal is to get people back into fitness, after the COVID-19 pandemic halted all gyms and classes.

“This is for everyone who is just starting their health journey or even just to have a healthier lifestyle. I’ve pretty much been healthy for quite a while over 25 years,” said Charles.

“I am looking at online classes. Just right now with everything going on in the gym. That’ll be kind of probably in the next month or two. But definitely, it’s been a challenge for a lot of gym owners. But I just want to welcome anybody that wants to come to the gym. It’s all about having fun, too. It’s not all just being serious and doing your thing but I do enjoy people coming in from any walks of life.”

Currently RC FITZONE does not offer free-weights or circuit machines, rather focusing on tailored classes. “I have kettlebells, fitness, kickboxing, rowing and total body conditioning. I do private classes as well. These are all scheduled classes. And there is a website that you can go to to book your classes,” Charles explained.

RC FITZONE is offering a May promotion, while its Facebook page has a list of daily clases. The gym is located a #4 1499B 10 Ave East, across from Sask Polytech.

(Photo of Rosie Charles at her new gym RC FITZONE. Courtesy of Facebook.)