A new environmental stewardship company is being created by the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

Airea, which is majority Indigenous owned will focus on environmental protection, engineering and consulting.

“We are protectors of the land so it just seems fit to partner with our partners today in regards to environmental protection. I know in the past, being a leader of my own community, the struggles we have to go through in regard to duty to consult and accommodate and at the same time today we are creating capacity at our First Nations,” said Tribal Chief Richard Ben. “

A lot of times we have to outsource that expertise from other provinces even so it’s really good to see something that we have ourselves today. area also will be well equipped to be an efficient operator and create innovative cost effective solutions related to renewable energy project executions.”

Airea is partnering with Trace Associates on the new venture.

Photo supplied: (from L to R: Rhonda Smith, Co-Founder and COO, Trace; Darrell Haight, Co-Founder and President/CEO, Trace; Tribal Chief Richard Ben, MLTC; Vice-Chief Richard Derocher, MLTC)