Two people have been elected as youth representatives for the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

Brock McLeod-Waditaka from Wahpeton Dakota Nation and Haily Rose from Mosquito,Grizzly Bear’s Head, Lean Man First Nations were selected for the positions.

“This position will be challenging and educational, and I look forward to all the opportunities it will grant me,” said Brock McLeod-Waditaka. “I do not take this title lightly and will push for reconciliation and change for all First Nations Youth in Saskatchewan.”

“I can only hope to make my peers feel heard and acknowledged at the leadership table,” said Hailey Rose. “I am proud of all the other candidates who ran. They inspired me.”

The two were elected by their peers at the Rezilient 8th Generation Conference at the Dakota Dunes Conference Centre this week.

(PHOTO: A Facebook Live of Brock McLeod-Waditaka and Hailey Rose being elected into their new roles.)