Two police officers who first attended the scene where a child later died have been suspended from active duty by the Prince Albert Police Service (PAPS) pending the outcome of an independent investigation.

In a media release sent out late Thursday afternoon PAPS Chief Jon Bergen confirmed the suspensions of the two officers after he was in communication with the Public Complaints Commission (PCC), which is investigating the police service’s handling of the situation.

“We understand that based on the PCC’s analysis of the preliminary evidence available, the scope of the independent investigation will include a full investigation of the nature and implications of the response undertaken by the two officers who attended the first call to the residence, based on legal standards imposed on police by legislation and by police conduct regulations”, he said.

The PCC has also told PAPS the investigation will be looking at the actions of three senior supervisor officers at relevant times during the shift when the calls were attended.

The PCC investigation has come about after police in P.A. were called to a home in the city on Feb. 10. Police had to return again to the same location about the death of a child. The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) has spoken out and called for the officers who attended to be fired. FSIN also alleges the baby’s mother tried to warn officers the baby was in danger when she was being arrested when they first attended. The FSIN alleges the baby’s mother Kyla Frenchman was treated differently due to being a First Nations person.

Writing on their Facebook page responding to the announcement the FSIN expressed frustration about how long it took for action to be taken.

“We expect more to come from this investigation. It’s a disgrace that it has taken nearly a month for this to happen. We will keep fighting and advocating for Baby Tanner and his mother and we will not rest until the PA Police Service is held accountable for their negligence.”

Chief Bergen is asking for the public to wait for the investigation to be completed before making any judgments. He adds the police service is committed to ensuring they are responsive to the community.

“Our members are highly trained to do increasingly difficult work in service of all members of our community. We have high standards and expectations of our members in how they conduct themselves in performance of their duties, and in how they, with the Service, will stand accountable for that.” he said.