The former CEO of the Athabasca Health Authority (AHA) is looking to get his job back.

Allan Adam has filed an application at Court of Queens Bench in Prince Albert alleging he was wrongfully terminated from his position on December 2 2021. Adam was named to the position in March of 2021.

In an originating application filed December 17, 2021 Adam alleges the AHA board acted outside of their authority when they removed him as they were not properly constituted or registered as provincial legislation calls for.

He also alleges the board breached procedural fairness in a number of instances, one being when they failed to provide Adam the chance to respond to their decision to terminate him. He also alleges the board did not provide a legitimate reason for his termination.

Furthermore Adam alleges he was “chastised,” by the board and warned against practicing traditional healing methods and ceremony.

The application as well alleges the current interim CEO of the health authority, Sheila Robillard is causing harm to the organization by “recklessly terminating” employees and leaving positions unfilled. Adam also argues he terminated Robillard from her position as executive director for corporate services on November 30 2021 with cause. He argues according to current AHA policy she is not eligible to be re-hired by the health authority as a result.

The court documents lists AHA and its board of directors along with a number of other individuals as respondents to Adam’s claim.

In an amended affidavit also submitted by Adam as part of his action is a letter dated December 9 2021 and signed by the mayor for the Northern Hamlet of Stony Rapids Daniel Powder supporting Adam and saying the hamlet council are not in support of his termination. The hamlet council as well alleges what the board did was illegal and goes against the Unanimous Members Agreement, board governance and policy.

Adam is asking for the court to order his reinstatement as the northern health authority’s CEO. He is also seeking an order to stop the AHA board of directors from passing motions related to day to day operations of the organization and asking for the current interim CEO to be prohibited from serving in the position.

None of the allegations have been tested in court.

Allan Adam court filing

(File Photo: MBC Radio)