The development arm of the Wahpeton Dakota Nation has partnered with a waste management firm on the development of a waste processing facility in Prince Albert.

Wahpeton Dakota Developments announced the signing of an agreement with IQ Waste Solutions, a company from Alberta, on the construction of a facility to process waste in the region.

According to the two organizations, this new waste facility would be a clean alternative to other waste disposal methods.

This is a very exciting opportunity to invest in a unique approach to waste management and clean energy,” said Robert Fincati, CEO of Wahpeton Developments. “Part of our MOU is the opportunity to take an equity position and participate in the growth of the company on a global scale.”

Wahpeton will work alongside IQ Waste Solutions to develop the business, starting with the local facility in Prince Albert.

As a company that works to convert underutilized and troublesome waste streams into clean energy and recycled products, sustainability is a key goal for us and working together with a local Indigenous organization is incredibly important,” says Andrew Ardell, Director of IQ Waste Solutions. “Our values concerning the environment strongly align, and Wahpeton is uniquely positioned to assist us in a number of areas to move this project forward in the Canadian market.”

The initial target for opening the waste processing facility is mid-2022.