The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan is speaking out against the use of an MN-S vehicle in a protest convoy on its way to Ottawa.

The convoy is currently travelling through the country in protest of vaccine mandates for truck drivers and travelled through the province on Monday.

In a video posted online – a vehicle dawning an MN-S logo and a Métis flag can be seen as part of the convoy.

The MN-S put out a statement condemning the use of the vehicle saying the views expressed by the protest do not reflect the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan and the use of MN-S resources for political purposes will not be tolerated.

“I am beyond disappointed and angered by the actions of the individuals involved in this convoy,” said MN-S President Glen McCallum in the statement. “The spread of vaccine disinformation and hostility is harmful to our Nation and our people. We know our Nation is better than this, and it is unacceptable that actions like these continue to endanger our communities and undermine the many sacrifices we have made to keep safe during the pandemic.”

In the statement, the MN-S pointed to the work they have done during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure supports were available for Métis citizens.

“As we continue the fight against COVID-19, MN–S unequivocally condemns any activities that seek to put our collective health and safety in jeopardy,” read the statement.

The full statement by the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan can be found here.

The MN-S says they plan to conduct an investigation into the situation.