Northern health officials are urging residents to stay in their own communities during a recent Covid-19 surge in the province.

The Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority and the Athabasca Health Authority have put in place a precautionary travel advisory for northern residents.

The “strong” recommendation from the health officials is for everyone to avoid traveling outside their own communities unless it is essential.

According to the northern health officers many of the Covid-19 cases in the north have been linked to travel to areas outside the northern parts of the province.

Officials hope the advisory will help slow down the spread of Covid-19 in the region.

The advisory is broken down into two areas:

  • Firstly, the health officers are advising against non-essential travel outside of northern Saskatchewan.

  • Secondly, the advisory also asks for travel between northern communities to be kept to essential travel as well.

The advisory has been put into effect immediately and will be in place until the end of February.

More information can be found on the Athabasca Health Authority Facebook page.