Music mentorship coordinator Eliza Doyle and her organization Community Arts Mentorship Program (CAMP) were recognized with a Saskatchewan Music award.

Doyle received the Industry Achievement award which “recognizes excellence in the provision of skills and services by those helping to build the music industry” in the province.

Doyle said her career has evolved. She began touring as a musician when she was 19 and recently shifted into a mentor role.

“Lately, after I did the residency in Stanley Mission in January of 2019, it shifted to—I’m just really passionate about designing community mentorship programs and getting arts into remote, northern and underserved communities in our province,” she said.

Doyle said when she heard her name and organization called for the award, she was surprised as she and her organization were up against some big names such as the Broadway Theatre.

But the next day, she got back to work.

“I was kind of in shock for the first day and then the second day, my mind just went to work and was like how can we actually create more opportunities?’ she said. “How can we make more connections so that our province can be connected more and our voices can be more easily heard on the public platform?”

Doyle said she’s hoping this recognition will help promote the work the program does and give it the resources it needs to be expanded.

“It makes me want to keep doing better, and making it more fulfilling for the participants and do it on a wider scale.”

Doyle is working on growing the program in multiple ways, one of which is to hire more fiddle instructors to teach children in northern Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Music Awards were held virtually on Thursday.

(PHOTO: Eliza Doyle has been a part of the Saskatchewan music scene since she was 18-years-old. Photo courtesy of Eliza Doyle’s website.)