La Ronge RCMP, the Canadian Rangers and local volunteers rescued snowmobilers who were stuck on a northern lake overnight on the weekend.

RCMP received a call Saturday morning from five snowmobilers whose machines had gotten stuck in slush on Clam Lake, a lake about 30 kilometres northwest of La Ronge, the night before.

The group spent the -35 degree night with a fire going but called for help to get the machines out.

The group’s families assisted with the search due to their knowledge of the area.

The snowmobilers were found safe, assessed by La Ronge EMS then sent home.

In a statement, the RCMP said because of the weather, the snowmobilers were in a “life-threatening situation.”

(PHOTO: The Canadian Rangers assisted with the search and rescue on Saturday. Photo courtesy of 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Facebook page.)