A northern addiction and mental health intervention camp will be receiving a one-time grant from the provincial government.

The Kineepik Métis Local #9 will be getting $337,000 for the Muskwa Lake Wellness Camp, located near Pinehouse.

Part of the funds will be used to winterize the facility, allowing it to run year-round and increase the number of people able to utilize it.

The camp uses traditional knowledge alongside Western education to help with addictions and mental health issues in northern communities.

“It’s vital that people have access to culturally sensitive addictions support that meet their recovery needs,” Everett Hindley, provincial mental health and addictions minister, said.

The camp is also the site of a research project focusing on addictions and recovery programs using Indigenous knowledge. This research will help in developing culturally-appropriate programming that is to be utilized across the province.

(PHOTO: Kineepik Métis Local #9 logo. Photo courtesy of Kineepik Métis Local #9.)