A Beauval man will not be allowed to hunt or fish for several years, after he recently pleaded guilty to fishing and wildlife violations in provincial court.

During a three-year investigation, conservation officers tracked the movements of Roger McCallum Jr., which began over a tip of illegal fish trafficking in 2018.

Authorities confirmed that McCallum did traffic large amounts of fish, but also disposed of a significant quantity of edible fish on the local landfill.

It was discovered that he was trafficking bear gall bladders and sold one to an undercover officer in an effort to recruit the officer to sell gall bladders for him.

In September 2019, McCallum offered illegal guided fishing tours for undercover officers on Lac La Plonge. That lake has an angling limit of three trout per person in an effort to conserve the population.

However during the trip, McCallum set two gill nets, catching more than his limit. Each officer took home 29 trout.

McCallum has three years to pay off his $14,500 fine. He cannot fish for three years or hunt and trap for five years.