Several search and rescue teams are travelling to Wollaston Lake on Wednesday to search for two missing boaters.

Three boaters went missing on the northern lake on October 13th. During the initial search, the remains of one of the boaters were found.

The two remaining boaters have not yet been located.

Last week, the RCMP announced they switched their dedicated search efforts to reactive in nature where they will now search when new information arises.

On Tuesday morning, the Prince Albert Grand Council announced a team of search and rescue organizations will be travelling up to the northern community to begin a broad search effort.

“The last three weeks have been a difficult time for the families, community, and all those affected by this tragedy. Despite a thorough search by RCMP and others, two of the three boaters are still missing, and we plan on resuming their efforts in a four-day operation with the help of a special crew from Lloydminister and Manitoba,” said Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte in a media release.

The other teams include the Lloydminister Rescue Squad and the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team.

The PAGC-led search teams are travelling to Wollaston Lake on Wednesday and will return Saturday.

(PHOTO: PAGC Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte.  File photo)