The Prince Albert Board of Police Commissioners says they fully support an independent review of police policies for in-custody care.

In recent weeks, three people died while in the custody of the Prince Albert police, which prompted the FSIN and PAGC to call for the Saskatchewan Police Commission to “immediately” intervene in the matter.

No word yet on whether an intervention of sorts will be taking place.

In the meantime, the Prince Albert Board of Police commissioners released a statement this afternoon saying they are willing to meet with the FSIN and PAGC to discuss public concerns.

The board says they plan on reviewing all in-custody care policies as they relate to cell checks, the safety of detainees, and any recommendation made by previous coroner’s inquests into in-custody deaths.

In addition, the statement from the police commissioners board says they are working closely with leadership within the Prince Albert Police Service in the assessment of all policy and procedures around in-custody care.

However, the police board does say they are expecting the investigations into each in-custody death to take a considerable amount of time.