Métis youth across the province have chosen the new president for the Provincial Métis Youth Council.

Autumn LaRose-Smith won this past weekend’s election with 47 percent of the vote.

LaRose-Smith will be serving a four-year term in the position and will be officially welcomed to the new position by the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan at their assembly later this month.

The polls were open for two days for the election; The first time the MN-S has held a province-wide election for the youth president position and the first time they have used an online platform to do so.

“This was a fantastic option during a pandemic and provides a framework for other elections,” said Chief Electoral Officer, Gwen LaFond.

LaRose-Smith, a former USSU president, says she is grateful for the win and hopes to begin her term by raising the profile of the Métis youth council in the province.

“We want people to know what the Provincial Métis Youth Council is and trusting that this council will represent and advocate for Métis youth in Saskatchewan,” LaRose-Smith told MBC News. “In four years when someone else runs for this position I hope there is a lot more engagement and Métis youth across the province know what this position is for.”

LaRose-Smith says she also plans to advocate for mental health supports for Metis youth and to bring all the regions together under the MN-S to provide a strong voice for Métis youth that has strong representation.

(PHOTO: Autumn LaRose-Smith.  Photo courtesy of mnselection.ca)